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We, at Lafayette Fence Solutions, often encounter clients who are unaware that cages and enclosures come in different types. These types have very distinct properties and so it is important to know which type will best suit your needs. Below we will be discussing each type and how each one differs from the other.

  • Safety Enclosure

As the name suggests, this type of enclosure is installed to ensure safety. This type of fence is typically seen in playgrounds and trampolines. It is essential to keep people within the safe space. For trampolines, it makes sure that people stay within the perimeter of the equipment.

  • Tool and Equipment Cages

This enclosure safeguards tools and equipment. For construction sites, where there are only temporary storage facilities, this ensures that important and expensive things are safe since these are prone to getting stolen. Knowing such, it is imperative that this type of cage can withstand any attempt of breaking in while it must be kept locked at all times.

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  • Dog Kennel and Cages

Kennel and cages are of necessity especially to those who have dogs living with them. By nature, dogs need a space that will serve as a den and as a place for them to snooze. If your dogs stay in your backyard, a cage can protect him from any possible danger.

  • Batting Cages

This is the type of enclosure that is typically used during training for softball and football. Batting cages need to be durable to be able to withstand the impact of the ball since its main purpose is to keep the ball contained in the space. This type of cage also needs to have adequate room to allow swinging of the bat.

We have numerous types of cages and enclosures and we can surely cater to your need.